Published On: Mon, Jan 13th, 2020

How much is it for sponsoring a MotoGP racing team?

How much is it for sponsoring a MotoGP racing team?

How much is it for sponsoring a MotoGP racing team?

Bike racing is one of the most trending thing now a days. It is getting love, appreciation and passion all over the world. People are getting too much into it. MotoGP, moto2 and moto3 are the most popular among the bike racing events. MotoGP is winning over the audience since 1949. Its 18-round season had world’s most popular, enthusiastic and passionate bike racers like Valentino Rossi, Marc Marquez, Andrea Dovizioso and many more. As this is one of the world’s most famous bike racing event so it must have sponsors who would like to sponsor different teams and bike racers.

There are various brands and business men who sponsor teams and racers in motoGP for making their brand popular in world or getting much more marketing opportunities. So, there must be a question raised about cost of sponsorship. How much it is for sponsoring a MotoGP racing team? It is not as simple as we think that we will calculate it easily. It is more than this. But it is no more inconvenient for brands to calculate the cost. Because RTR sports marketing has made it so much convenient by launching their first ever digital MotoGP Sponsorship Calculator. This sponsorship calculator can calculate the cost to sponsor a team in MotoGP racing.

RTR sports marketing is one of the most significant in sponsorship and selling agency. They are providing services that starts from motoGP sponsorship to motoGP welcome packages. If you want to succeed in your marketing goals via the joy of sports then RTR can be prove to be your major helping hand. MotoGP sponsorship calculator is the biggest example of this. By introducing their sponsorship calculator they have made the hectic work of calculating the cost of sponsorship, so much easy. But everyone have to remember the fact that the sponsorship calculator does not give the exact amount. This value can be considered as the order of investment of brands. Beside this fact, this calculator can generate estimated values by just clicking some options. This is one of the main advantage of this calculator.

How sponsorship calculator calculates the value?

There are some options given in sponsorship calculator that are the basis of calculated amount. These are considered as some basic facts and parameters for sponsorship. If we select the options listed below then it will cost 2 796 250 Euro but it can be change by changing the options.

  • You would like to sponsor a team in motoGP
  • You would like to partner with the team for the whole season
  • On an average, your team should score in top 5 at the end of the race
  • You want to have a big logo
  • You want your logo on bike and bike rider
  • You would like to have the opportunity to use the team’s premises to host your events
  • You want to give title sponsorship
  • You want total audience between 0-55

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